Challenge between my sis-in-law and I (both writers) to remain accountable and do personal writing for 15 minutes every day. Here are my posts!

Day 1:

Jordan visited this afternoon with his new fiancée, who’s carrying their child, and her 11-year-old son. I found the conversations intriguing; I found them

Respite from Sleep

Drove down roads and wound up bends
Landed in the woods among turtle friends

Felt like reminiscing bout the times to be
When the plastic round my coffee slumbered far from the sea

Further to the trailhead of the tip of Internet’s peak
That’s just about the bandwidth…

For a Walk

Woke without the usual tension
The good rest had come
So to spring from the center was reflexive

Slapped with scents that conjured deja vu
Joints remember how they can move
And fresh mud is cool to the touch
From beneath the boot up to the medulla

Still branches bear…


You know when you feel you’re approaching a new phase in your universe? Does anyone else feel that way?

The brink is bright and clear. It’s hard and cool, steep and a vantage point.

You think what you’ve been doing is right, then you see the other side —…

What’s driven digital transformation in e-commerce over the past decade is being redefined. Traditional marketing and third party platforms, while parts of the equation, no longer direct brands to the catalyst of this evolution: the customer.

Now more than ever, digitally native brands are forming meaningful, business-driving customer relationships on…

Meaghan Moraes

Content Strategist & Brand Storyteller

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